I aim to help my clients empower themselves to live the life they were born for.


I don’t solve their problems; I teach them to free themselves from the thoughts and beliefs that are making them unhappy.


I believe that the need to filter through the vast amount of information in one’s life, and hone in on the crux of the challenge or issue faced by my client, is of paramount important. To share in the dreams, challenges and hopes of my clients - and locate their North Star - will help to alleviate the burden that weighs down on them.



You leave me speechless. Yesterday was the best, most hopeful day I've had for a long time. I felt more free, more joyful, more serene. I felt everything was working out for me. 


Today a little harder, … This is a reality I must contend with and I will have to give some things up in the process. But I need not give up my pursuit of behaving with integrity. … my guides are always with me. I am alright. I am progressing through the ring of fire. 


So grateful for the time we spent. You did a wonderful job of guiding me through my dream and then you summed it all up and found "gold." This was a very big deal for me. You made a big contribution to my clarity as well and helped me ready the field for the beautiful, wooded garden that is my future. 


Here is an excerpt from an email to my (other) coach after our session. Some of my realizations are direct quotes from you. 


  • My epiphany: The things that terrify me offer me deliverance. That is what the dream tells me.

  • The moment I connect actively with my fear it quiets. The moment, that is, when I sit and listen to what it is trying to tell me rather than recoiling in horror and running in the opposite direction.  

  • My dream says, "Give the fear unflinching attention, give it energy."

  • Say, "Im scared of you but I'm going to look at you head-on anyway." 


Here is something new I learned: My fears can be an early-warning guidance system but only if I have the courage to approach, swim slowly, calmly toward them, and then follow up by looking at them from a distance. I look again and understand that the rabid fox is not rabid. His poison can be alchemized and turned to nourishing ambrosia. 


And so dear Jimmie, you have done a wonderful job. Heartfelt gratitude flowing to you. 






Jimmie is an outstanding coach. Her calm state is infectious. Her sessions start with a centering exercise that really sets the tone for the session. She is gentle, but firm and really helps you to uncover those sabotaging patterns that you were not even aware of. 

Understanding these patterns has really helped me to see things in my life in a much clearer way. I definitely feel lighter in my day to day as a result of our sessions and am now much kinder to myself. Thank you Jimmie!


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