With her father in the military, Jimmie was fortunate to be born in Germany. The only child born outside of the U.S.  She is the youngest of five children from a beautiful mother and father. Most of her youth was spent in the country side of Oklahoma, a state known for it’s Native American heritage. These guardians of the land made a subtle but deep impression on her.


During a difficult childhood, she strived to understand her life and secretly prayed for wisdom and courage to create beauty from that which she didn’t understand. Later in life and with the encouragement of family, she went back to university and was awarded a B.Sc. in Health Education in 2002. In 2004 while moving to Singapore, she became a Certified Personal Trainer. Jimmie realized that it is within this fertile setting that she can utilize her previous training as a Massage Therapist and her years of experience in the hospitality industry. Since that time, she has continued to expand her knowledge in exercise and health, qualified as a Life Coach with Results Coaching Systems and Martha Beck Life Coaching, completed level two training in Reiki, a three year training in Shamanism, Psych-K certification, and a facilitator of The Sister Circles ©.


“It is wonderful and never ending journey of learning, healing, and service." - Jimmie

Thoughts on working with Jimmie

I have been fortunate enough to train with Jimmie for many years. She has a remarkable ability to push you to your limits whilst being one of the gentlest souls I have met! Jimmie genuinely cares about her clients holistically, with sessions often going beyond the physical workout while she shares her invaluable knowledge on both the human body and mind.  Her sessions were always really well personalised to suit me and my body, always different and never dull. For a lot of us, starting to work with a personal trainer is often the beginning of a journey to start taking better care of ourselves. I can’t imagine a more supportive, knowledgeable and inspiring travel companion.




I met Jimmie more than 8 years ago...the most unwell I had ever been in my life, scared, and unsure if I would every find a way to figure it all out.  Jimmie's absolute conviction that together we could figure it out made me believe, and surely enough, over time, I got stronger, better and rebuilt my confidence in my body.  Fast forward 8 years, and through the shifts and changes that life brings (including several years away), Jimmie has been a cheer leader and champion.  She's believed in me when I didn't believe in myself.  She's made me laugh so much I've cried, and when the tears have been ones of grief or "överwhelmedness", she has been a caring support.  Her commitment to helping others grow shows up in many ways - her training techniques, coaching, and creation of a Sister Circle. Jimmie has been so much more than a trainer - she has been a guide.

With love and gratitude xx




After working with PT's for 20 years I can confidently say that Jimmie is an outstanding trainer.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and has an amazing ability to motivate you to achieve your fitness and health goals.  I have been so appreciative of the work she has done with me, particularly since major shoulder surgery.  She adapted my program so that I could train throughout my recovery which was essential both for my shoulder rehab and for my mental health!  Most importantly, Jimmie is a fabulous and inspiring lady - I look forward to our sessions every week and am so delighted to have met her.

……I was thinking about you this morning when I was out running.  Last year, when I asked you if doing the number of sessions a week I was doing was ok you gave me the "Jimmie" look and said "you're an athlete, it's fine".  I have never been called an athlete before and it is now something I draw on. When I can't be bothered I remember what you said and think about getting back there.  So thank you.  You inspire me. I don't think you realize how big an impact you have....have a great weekend.  And yes please to training next Saturday followed by a massage.


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