Do you hear the call?

Just like the star cluster, so too is the ancient and sacred Circle work of women. 


Join us in Sacred Circle where together, we lay our armour at the door and come together to 

  • create a safe and supportive environment for sharing our stories and our wisdom, 

  • bear loving witness to the lives of our Sisters,  

  • build a space where open and honest exchange is celebrated, and  

  • feel authentic love and respect for each other.


Positive transformation happens when we share our internal landscape in an intentional way and encourage others to do the same. When in Circle together, we have a set of guiding principles that are our core foundation. These principles are based on: Empowerment, Vulnerability, Trust, Authenticity, Nurturing, Freedom, and Joy. These principles provide alignment, connection, support and emotional safety. To expand your understanding of Sister Circles, you may want to view this short video: 


Trust is built in the smallest of moments ….


There are limited number of places available. To participate, contact Jimmie.

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