Sisters Circle

Deep healing and transformation happens when a woman is seen & heard with love by others while they navigate life’s challenges. This is the magic that happens in Circle. These Circles have a powerful ripple effect on the women who participate in them and this echoes through their lives in a profoundly positive way. 

Women have been communing in Circles throughout the ages, sometimes openly, and sometimes in secret, but always with the intention to bear loving witness to the lives of their Sisters. Come participate in this sacred ancient ritual of healing, connection, and wisdom.

Circle Perspectives


Thank you for organising the Sister Circles. I am truly grateful that you invited me to be part of this space and you made the experience feel so special.


It was my first time ever to participate in such a set up and the experience has been truly enriching. I came from with a relatively low state of mind in the first session due to a health challenge but as the weeks went by I felt stronger and stronger. This strength came from the connections that were made in the circle and the safe, sacred, loving and therapeutic space that the sisters' circle created. Nothing else mattered during the sessions, I was present and able to share and listen with ease.


Old friendships have grown deeper and new friendships have emerged and I realise that we are never alone .....burdens are lighter, life is brighter. I know I will always be surrounded by love.


Thank you Jimmie for this amazing opportunity and being an awesome facilitator!



My Story



I was born of pain and love.

The last of five.

In a house with a mixture of alcoholism, religion and the splitting of the mind.

How is it that there is such love and at the same time such anger, violence and madness?


I ran to hide in the laundry closet, but they came and found me.

I sang alone on the front porch, but my own voice disturbed me. 

I lay myself down in the arms of men, but their affections did not fulfil me.

I screamed out within my my relationship, bleeding my anger, baring my pain, allowing the bruises to appear because that is what I knew, but none of it could save me.


I needed help beyond myself. 

And then it was, a Sister called out to me “Here.” she said. “Here is an opportunity to experience being the Sage.”

“It is time.” I said. It is time to take myself up on my own prayer to the Gods, when at the age of 16 on bended knees I begged for wisdom. For only wisdom could lead me out of ALL of that confusion.


So then, in my late 20’s, I took the path, that road less traveled. I began my walk on the Red Earth in bare feet with tears running down my face.


The journey has been long and never straight.

I often walked with a drunken gait.

But with my gaze,

I looked through the haze,

one step at a time.


It’s taken years to lay down my weapon of self contempt, the ever present voice of “not good enough”. 

But I’ve kept my focus, I’ve seen the light.

I’ve heard the call and put down the fight.

It is my heart that has brought me through,

and all my Dear Sisters too.


Now, my days are filled with gratitude.

I live with a commitment of Sovereign Service,

to know compassion and accountability for myself and others.

To live a life of meaning and joy.


There is more to do and I’m not finished yet.

But I know my life is not one of regret.

© 2019 Cosmic Training Ground