As essential oils are coming back into popularity, you've surely heard of them. The question is, what can they do for you? Short answer: they make you healthier. Essential Oils are plant medicines. To experience them we begin with intent. Knowing that the oil in your hand is unadulterated, has been processed with care, and in its coming into being is giving back to the world. This is where we begin. Next is choosing an oil or blend that supports your healing, and let the fun begin!


Essential oils are the essence or the life force of the plant. Young Living essential oils are organic, tested, and unadulterated from "Seed to Seal". It is important to know your source because the FDA allows producers to have 5-10% essential oil in a product and label it as pure. 


Come sit with me and experience the beautiful aromas and learn the benefits of oils like Lavender, Endoflex, and Frankincense. Better yet, join one of my Essential Wellness talks on Body, Mind and Spirit where we discuss how to create vitality in each area with the use of essential oils.

Wellness, Purpose, and Sustainable Abundance 

Essential Stories, Experiences with Young Living Essential Oils


I am really pleased to have learned about essential oils and how they can be used in day to day life. My favourite is lavender, which I put on every night to sleep with. If my allergies are bad, I include some RC and some Thieves which really helps alleviate them.

I love using Di-Gize when myself or my kids have stomach aches as it really soothes, and quickly. RC is also great to have going in my kids rooms whilst they have a cold, it helps to clear congestion. Peppermint is awesome to give you a kick mid afternoon, placing it on the roof of your mouth really wakes you up!


I also use Valour instead of perfume, it has a lovely fresh citrus smell without smelling to obvious. There are many more, to many to list, but these are my favourites and I highly recommend them.




I had heard of essential oils but had never thought of using them for my well being.

I had only used them in a burner at home and didn't realise of any other benefits this would be for my health. I attended  one of Jimmie's talk on YL Oils and  decided to purchase the basic pack. It still took me a few months to get round using them. I started using the pan away as I had some severe pain in my body and instantly the reaction after weeks of being in pain had reduced. This was my life saviour and hence had faith in this particular oil.


Again I attend few more of Jimmie's talks and with reading more about YLEO I decided to try the other oils that I had purchased.


I now daily use lavender for a calm happy start to the day. I use peppermint in the mornings to give me a boost. I've used  Di-Gize for when I had bad stomach and some others for colds, fever and various other things. I find using the oils easier than taking a Panadol every time I'm under the weather.


I'm grateful for Jimmie's advice on these oils and helping me to understand how to use them and how to blend them.


YLEO = good as going out with your mobile phone part of my life .. ♥️



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